2nd December

This is the family history of Jesus Christ. He came from the family of David, and David came from the family of Abraham.

Matthew 1:1 (NCV)

In recent weeks at Living Hope Church we have been considering GPS; God’s Positioning System. Well, this verse declares God’s road map! You could also consider it as a Christmas (chronological) list or as a dot to dot because, step by step, God’s plan for the salvation of humanity is revealed.

So… a quick recap for the road map. The family history is recorded in verses 2 to 16 and some of these ‘dots’ will be more familiar than others. While all descended from the creation of Adam, consider how this family line flows right through to the birth of Jesus. The family line includes Abraham and it becomes a royal line once David, a descendant of Abraham and son of Jesse, becomes King. The prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah both prophecy that the messiah will come from the family line of Jesse and David; messiah is a Hebrew term for anointed one and saviour. The birth of Jesus is the fulfillment of these prophecies. 

The book of Matthew is the first of four accounts (referred to as the gospels) listed within the Bible and the first chapter sets the scene; the family heritage relates to the prophecy of the messiah and verse 21 records that an angel tells Joseph to name the child “Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins”. The name Jesus means ‘salvation’. With the birth of Jesus, God’s plan for the salvation of humanity is now here.

Written by David Cookson.