We love to worship God with worship that reaches His heart, fulfils us and is attractive to unchurched people. We love to serve others in our local and extended communities following the example set by Jesus. We bring a positive message of love and forgiveness to our families, our work colleagues, our fellow students, and the new people we meet, bring a sense of hope into our world. We love to pray to God and hear His voice guiding us. Each of us will pray on our own but we also enjoy praying together. Healing, freedom, forgiveness and hope come from God in response to our prayers. We give freely and generously of our time, talents and treasures. We enjoy the privilege and blessings of enthusiastically giving financially and energetically into God’s Kingdom. We live life guided by the inspirational truth of the word of God and the Holy Spirit who lives within us, It is a good thing to read the bible every day and to spend time in God’s presence in the power of the Holy Spirit. We desire spiritual gifts and build each others faith with their use.

We are called to reach out to those with little or no Christian influence on their lives and those who have never before heard the message of Jesus who is the Saviour of the world.

We love the open and accessible community of church. When we meet together we attract the presence of God and provide a safe environment for people to discover Jesus and grow to become more like Him. Most of our meetings are in small gatherings but we also love to meet as one whole body on regular occasions.


Jeremy & Joy Parkes founded Living Hope Church in 2002 and continue to forward the mission to make disciples and multiply churches while always worshipping God and serving people.

If you would like to become more involved in Living Hope in achieving the goals for His Kingdom God has given us then contact Jeremy & Joy via the church office.

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  • “I have changed from a very stubborn unbeliever to someone who knows he is loved and guided by the Lord”

    Steve (age 58)
  • “My husband Elvis passed away surrounded by friends and family, bounded by love and care, with the knowledge of God’s presence and the feelings of moving forward. We were born not to die but to gain a new life”

    Lilia (age 36)